Top 10 General Excel Help Sites

To inspire you to learn more about Excel , in the video below watch a  ‘ trained‘ and ‘untrained‘ Excel user tackling common everyday Excel tasks. Notice the huge difference in time and effort. You can save yourself so much time and effort by learning Excel property. Below we have some of the best Excel Resources sites in the world. Enjoy them.

This comprehensive Excel help site by Andy Pope covers all areas of Excel with lots of great examples and solutions to a magnitude of Excel Situations. Well worth a long visit.

Chip Pearson’s  site  has an incredible amount of Excel  information and insights, including the usage of  Windows API to get at components not accessible through VBA alone.

This site run by MVP Debra Dalgleish, is a treasure chest of Excel tips but if you want to master Pivot tables, this site is a must. Debra is the author of three books   on Pivot tables. I particularly recommend that once you master the basics of Pivot tables, you get a copy of her  ‘Excel Pivot Tables  Recipe Book. The site also contain some fantastic Excel addin products.

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