Essential Excel: Using the INDIRECT Function.

The Indirect Function The INDIRECT worksheet function is a great  function  to generate  cell or range references "on the fly" or dynamically , as a formula is evaluated, rather than "hard coding" them into the formula.   In essence, the INDIRECT function returns a reference to a range. As we will see below, it  can be […]

Essential Excel: The Powerful INDEX & MATCH Functions in Excel.

The Index & Match Function: The INDEX Function can return an item from a specific position in a table. The MATCH Function  returns the  relative row position of a value in a list. The INDEX and MATCH Functions are often  used together, as a flexible and powerful tool for extracting data from a table. The […]

Excel Essentials:How can I test for two or more conditions in Excel?

How can I test for two or more conditions in  Excel. We have the following situation   The Salespeople will now, only get a bonus if there sales revenue is over €4000 but also the units sold must be over 80 There are a few ways we can tackle this problem. By using Nested IF […]

Excel Essentials: Excel IF Formula

Excel IF Formula. The  Excel if formula or more correctly the IF Function checks a condition that must be either true or false. If the condition is true, the Excel if formula  carries out whatever instructions are in the true  section.If  the condition is false, the Excel if formula carries  out whatever instructions are in the […]